Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday of Madness!!

Today's blog post will be short and sweet!

Today was one of the more fussy days for my sweet little 9 month old Anna. Pair that with grocery shopping and you're set for a FUN evening! Shopping tonight was an adventure (thank goodness I only have to do that once a week!) But I am very excited for the next few nights and the meals I will be preparing! Tonight was left over night (probably wouldn't have survived if it wasn't)! Left over chicken and stir fry made my life a little easier!

Well duty calls and the baby is crying for her Mommy. I'm sorry this blog post wasn't the most exciting of them all but hey at least I have a picture of our shopping adventures today at Walmart!

yes her arm is sticking in between the bars... couldn't get her to stop

Thanks for checking back! I promise tomorrow's post will be much more exciting and actually have something to do with food!
Until Tomorrow!

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  1. that's how my daughter was tonight! must be something in the air