Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Beginning

I know what you're thinking right now. "WHAT! Chantal is really starting another blog? She never updates the one she already has!!"

But it is true, I am starting a new blog. The reason being? I HATE cooking, I hate everything about it. The preparation, the time spent, the cooking its self, and most of all the SHOPPING! Oh how I hate shopping of every kind, grocery shopping as at the top of my hate list. For dinner at my house we usually go out to eat, Bren cooks, or its fend for yourself. Occasionally I will cook. But it's not often

I was recently awakened by a comment Bren made about one of his co-workers offering to bring him dinner every night (she is appalled by "this generation's women and their lack of homemaking") At first I was extremely offended and mad even. Mad that Bren had brought up the fact that I don't cook very often and mad that she had the nerve to tell Bren that she would be cooking for him. Then I was mad at myself, after all, I am the wife here. I am the one slacking on my duties at home and in the kitchen. My excuses are weak at best "but I HATE cooking", or "I work so when I get home I'm too tired to cook", or "we never have food in the house so I CAN'T cook anything."

So I will be blogging about my journey to being a better cook and actually cooking. I am hoping that I will be able to stick to this one. I have a few goals here, first off to actually cook and hopefully I will eventually like it, second I am hoping to be better at blogging, and third I would love to have a following. Maybe if I get enough followers I will actually blog.

My inspiration is from several other sources. One of them is the movie Julie and Julia, if she can blog about cooking, so can I. Also from one of my favorite blogs Kari was in my ward in Rexburg and she is amazing at blogging and I LOVE following her blog. As well as Jordana, a friend of mine from high school. I am a recent convert to her blog. And I cant forget Jess, a friend I used to work with. There is something about the simplicity to Jordana's blog, the intricacy of Kari's blog, and the fun in Jess's blog that just draws my attention to them. They are all fantastic at captivating my attention and I am constantly finding myself coming back to their blogs for more. 

Here is the plan. Every Sunday I am going to write out a menu for the week and post it on this blog. Monday after work I will go and buy all of the groceries needed for each meal. Now I am debating as to whether or not I should post every night after dinner or if I should do a recap on Saturday. What are your thoughts

I will be using recipe books, because of my lack of creativity. The books that will most likely appear in my blog and on my table will be Cookin' With the CRAZY lady by Trish Jenkin (former chef of the Manti House Inn) and the Campbells 123 Dinners. As well as Recipes found online If you have any recipes you love and aren't too crazy or any books that you live by please post them in the comments

I will of course have nights that I don't cook, say Bren wants to cook something or BBQ and of course our weekly date night. I will probably still blog about these nights. Pictures of the meals may or may not happen. What are your thoughts on pictures? Note- my child will more than likely make appearances on this blog, she is the STAR of my other blog.

This is where I need YOUR help. I am TERRIBLE at keeping to my goals, don't believe me? Check out my other blog my posts are few and far in between. Hopefully I will be able to be a little bit better a blogging on both of these blogs. I need your encouragement please please comment. Post your own ideas, recipes, tricks, anything

Well I think this post has gone on long enough. Welcome and tomorrow I will get into the good stuff! 


  1. You remind me of me sometimes. I hated cooking still dont love it but Im good at it and I love eating and have a family that loves eating so I do it. Plus it talks a lot about service and sacrifice in our Church so I figure Im getting in extra hours there since Im not a loving the cooking woman. If I plan meals on sunday for the week it goes so much better cause I refuse to shop more than once a week. I also like to shop on Mon or at night so I dont have to take all three kiddos. I also went through a cook book buying spree and if you ever want to come over (say after the gym on day) we could have a meal planning party. Im excited to read your new blog and if you dont keep this goal Ill nag you. You can also buy a lot of freezer type meals at costco that can last awhile so when you have your "Id rather shoot myself than cook" moments you just pop it in the oven and your done. Anyway. Good luck!

  2. Good luck sis! Look forward to reading the blog updates, viewing new recipes and drooling at the look of the dishes you serve up :)